Why Use Occupational Health and Safety Management Software


Why Your Business Should Be Using Occupational Health and Safety Management Software Now

What Is Occupational Health and Safety Management Software?

Occupational health and safety management software solutions help businesses mitigate their OHS and EHS processes by managing observations, audits, inspections and reporting practices. They increase the efficiency of operational performance while minimizing risks to employee well-being. This also reduces costs associated with unsafe work conditions or hazards.
Workplace regulations are becoming increasingly more complex and difficult to navigate. This is why an OHS solution which is customized for your business and your industry is more important than ever. Some of the most popular and effective solutions include the Guardian Inspection and Audit Program and Mobile App.
The Guardian OHS Observation Program and Mobile App helps mitigate inspections, observations and audits by offering an easy-to-use platform for inspectors and employees to conduct these practices. The Guardian mobile app allows observers to record observation and inspection information in real-time, including picture-based and voice-based observations, and then upload that information to the Guardian compliance and risk mitigation system. This allows all data to be analyzed instantly so at-risk areas can be identified, and proactive solutions can be sought immediately. To learn more about the Guardian program and mobile app, go to
SiteWise is an industrial safe practices program which gives instant access to photographs, floor plans, and facility details if there is an accident, emergency, equipment failure, or outage. Features include virtual facility tours, pictures and video cataloging systems, as well as emergency planning solutions. This is an invaluable tool for emergency planning, incident control and mitigation, compliance reporting and business continuity planning. Learn more about SiteWise Imaging Security Solutions here.

Why Use Occupational Health and Safety Management Software?

These systems not only reduce workplace injuries and fatalities, but they can streamline your OHS processes so that your employees and managers are able to focus more clearly on business development and growth.

Corporations world-wide use these technology solutions to:

  • Ensure best practice and efficiency in the workplace
  • Save time by eliminating double-entry in the inspection and audit process
  • Generate meaningful reports and draw conclusions from trends in data
  • Ensure suitable risk assessments in place and accessible to all employees
  • Streamline their compliance and reporting process
  • Minimize risks related to unsafe work conditions
  • Reduce injuries and fatalities in the workplace
  • Mitigate ‘information overload’ from huge amounts of data, admin and paperwork
  • Remain compliant by completing audits and reporting processes on time
  • Create accountability across all departments by engaging Behavior Based Safety principles

When choosing an OHS software solution, consider BBS principles, which cultivate a relationship between management and employees in which every person in the work environment shares in the responsibility for creating safe work conditions and reducing hazards.

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