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Safety Software System

S&W Technologies Guardian Safety Software System streamlines safety inspections, audits, & observations and reduces employee injuries and fatalities.

Guardian Safety Software is an Inspection, Observation and Safety Audit System. It’s the quickest and easiest way to eliminate employee injuries. Our utilities customers renew their license year over year and continuously drive additional business value by expanding the use of Guardian across EHS, maintenance and quality assurance departments.

This comprehensive S&W Technologies program and app captures, tracks, and reports on workplace observations, audits, and inspections for behaviors and conditions. EHS and OHS departments license Guardian to completely streamline their workplace health and well-being process and prevent workplace injuries and fatalities. S&W Technologies Best-In-Class Mobile Compliance Apps have enabled employees to capture and take action on observations, safety audits, and inspections in near real-time. These mobile observers are leveraging picture-taking, voice to text translation, and GPS capture to dramatically simplify their process.
Professionals choose Guardian programs based on these Critical Success Factors:
Ease of Use

Fast rollouts with and high user rates


Supports EHS in all industries and processes


Guardian supports from one pilot location to a global rollout


Guardian works with your existing corporate structure


US-Based technical support staff responds to customer requests quickly


Guardian safety software capture methods

Guardian OHS and EHS Management Software System allows employees to record inspections easily using the following capture methods any where in the world:

Web Browser Based Capture
Mobile Apps

Capture online/offline with iOS, Android, and devices.


Guardian safety software features

Company Hierarchy Organization

Create and manage organizational structures for incident reporting

User Role Control

Assign security levels, groups, and company hierarchy

Checklist Template Options

Create an unlimited number and variety of checklists

Barrier, Severity Level, and Positive Goal Management

Reduces need for free-form notes

Terminology Administration

Configure key terms/labels in the program to meet your vernacular

Configurable User Welcome Page

Manage end-user content/messages and web links

System Settings

Configure feature availability and required fields

Action Item Mitigation Feature

Assign and track action items to closure

Proactive Alert Program

Email alert notification based on configurable thresholds

Multi-Corporate Website Control

Manage enterprises with multiple Operating Costs

OHS Data Retention

The S&W Technologies program retains and manages all historical company compliance data

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Safety reporting & performance dashboards

Standard Reports

KPI areas: Participation, workplace Metrics/Trending, Action/Follow-up

Report Scheduler

Save report criteria and schedule for automated email distribution

Report Group Administration

Assign and manage report sets for diverse user groups

Enhanced Business Intelligence Reporting and Dashboards

Utilizes integrated business intelligence engine

Data security standards compliance

FISP 199

Meets requirements of the Federal Information Security Management Act-FISMA

NIST 800-53

Meets requirements of National Institute of Standards and Technology

Safety software system integrations options

Excel template based employee / observer HR import

For one-time initial setup

Integration with the Incident Tracking Protocol

Manage EHS and OSHA incident reporting

Hierarchy Structure Integration

Company structure synchronized with customer’s process

HR Integration

Employee & reporting structure info synchronized with customer’s HR process

Single Sign On (SSO)

Log into the program using your existing company username and password

Integrated Data Export

Export “source of record” data to customer’s process


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S&W Technologies

How S&W Technologies Guardian safety observation and inspection software system works for you

S&W Technologies has been helping clients reduce workplace injuries and fatalities for over two decades. We create user-friendly, high-performance programs that improve operational efficiencies across Occupational Health and Safety functions across Utilities, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, and Construction industries.

In addition to being licensed by protection departments across the US, hundreds of thousands of employees world-wide have taken advantage of Guardian’s easy-to-use observation and safety audit system. Capture, track, and report on employee behaviors and workplace conditions in real-time with our user-friendly mobile app.

Streamline your OHS process and prevent workplace injuries and fatalities before they happen. The mobile application enables your employees to capture observation information in real-time, then take immediate action to address hazards and cultivate a safer and healthier working environment. Leverage the power of picture-taking options, voice to text translation features, and GPS capture to drastically improve your inspection and incident reporting process.

Mobile phones showing software

All S&W Technologies systems focus on providing a cutting-edge Guardian software built specifically to meet the particular demands of your industry. Our clients use our systems to streamline their OHS process and drastically improve the health of their employees, and workplace conditions.

S&W clients include many levels of government agencies, educational institutions, and private industrial and commercial industry enterprises. Our strength lies in our ability to analyze our client’s specific challenges, and then develop customized technology that provides an idea solution. Our customers appreciate our exceptional customer support and service, and unmarred track record for preventing workplace injuries and fatalities. Join the hundreds of businesses that have taken their OHS systems to the next level.