Radiological surveys

Radiological survey software for documenting radiation and other hazardous information

Does your current radiation survey, tracking and documentation process cost too much and take too much time to collect and manage? Are you able to customize, reconcile or easily disseminate data collected? Are you able to compare and contrast archived data?


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How our solution works

Benefits and key differentiators

Radiological data is placed inside visual objects that overlay a map or photograph of the area surveyed

Radiation and tracking data is captured in a relational database, providing efficient storage, retrieval, trending and archiving

Easy to learn and user friendly technology program

Provide more comprehensive radiation tracking and protection

The program imports radiation data from survey instruments

The program links to other systems to provide real-time radiation and analytics data from in-field devices

Tablet PC can be used for field data entry

Both Windows® graphical user interfaces and web browsers provided

Built in quality assurance checks

Drag and drop symbols used to document radiation measurements on pictures or maps

Built-in security allows for data entry, approval and viewing in a secure environment

Survey templates with extensive configuration capabilities

Dramatically reduce compliance costs and time

Include multiple maps per survey

Integrates with Guardian health and safety inspection, audit and observation software system

Ability to attach files to the survey

Reliable technical training, service and IT support

Reduce workforce efforts with increased quality and accuracy of survey data

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Experience powerful results when documenting radiological survey measurements electronically with VSDS environmental monitoring program.