Reducing Incidents With Behavior Based Safety Inspection Software



One of the key aspects of OHS management is identifying risks and taking steps to mitigate any risks in the workplace. The best way to identify areas which may need improvement is to analyze data that has been collected through regular EHS audits and incident reports.

However, if you are using paper-based reports, the task of collating this data is overwhelming, which means that many workplace safe practice departments simply don’t bother with it at all. The solution to this problem is to move incident reporting to an online, mobile app-based system.

Using modern technology, the tedious data-entry task is removed, and your OHS department can access updated EHS information at the touch of a button. Below are some of the ways that the Guardian Behavior Based Safety Inspection Software allows you to record, collate and access critical data quickly and easily. Click here to learn more about this EHS software system.


Easily Keep Detailed Records With Behavior Based Safety Inspection Software

The best way to get concise, specific data about incidents and hazards in your workplace is to collect it over time – there really are no shortcuts here. Guardian’s specialized Behavior Based Safe Work Inspection Program and Mobile App is designed to make capturing the required data quick and easy.

Within the program there are a wide range of reporting options, which can be configured to suit your business’ specific circumstances. All forms and records within the app are stored securely in a cloud-based database, giving you a ready-made data set which can be used to make predictions, track key metrics, and identify hazards in the workplace.


Track Key Metrics With Behavior Based Safety Inspection Software

With a high quality, digitized EHS data set,  keeping track of key metrics in the workplace becomes effortless. These metrics can include detailed information regarding the number and severity of injuries, the frequency of breaches and near misses, and more.

For larger companies, all of your worksites can be linked using the same application. Building a large database that encompasses all of your facilities allows your team to compare these metrics across departments and branches, even if the individual facilities are geographically distant from each other.

Being able to compare OHS data across facilities using comprehensive workplace safe work practice program is the best way to identify good practices, as well as areas which need improvement. Once you identify the safest facilities, you can find ways to use the lessons learned there to improve standards elsewhere. This keeps your employees safe and increase productivity, helping you improve your bottom line.


Measure The Cost of Hazards With Behavior Based Safety Inspection Software

Many people fail to realize that unsafe workplaces often lead to lower levels of productivity overall. When workers are injured on the job, or are forced to stop work due to OHS concerns, it means time and money are being wasted.

Without a comprehensive analytics system, it’s hard to put a definite figure on this loss and has been largely ignored in the past. With detailed monitoring capabilities, you will finally have sufficient data to quantify the loss and put an accurate monetary figure on it. Being able to give hard and fast numbers on lost productivity gives you the leverage to justify expenditure for key OHS improvement and policies.

Don’t waste a minute more struggling to make critical EHS decisions without having the necessary data at your disposal. Schedule a live demo of the Guardian Behavior Based Safe Work Inspection Program and Mobile Application and see just how easy it is to build a database of health and safety information for your business.



Checklists are used across industries as a great way to ensure EHS systems and processes are adhered to, and OHS departments are no exception. Workplaces across the country are expected to comply with ever-changing EHS legislation, which means there is a need to conduct periodic audits efficiently and accurately.

The traditional method of conducting audits usually relies on good old fashioned, pen, paper and a clipboard. There is nothing wrong with this method of course, but technological innovation means there are far better options available to modern businesses. The Guardian Industrial Safe Workplace Management Health and Safety Software Programs have been designed to help your EHS team be more efficient and thorough in conducting their EHS audits and inspections. Below are just a few ways this powerful software can save your business time and money without compromising a safe work environment.


Manage Digital Checklists With Industrial Safety Management Software Systems

One of the biggest benefits of this modern technology is the ability to quickly and easily digitize all of your OHS audits and related checklists. This enterprise-level software has a range of preset checklists, which you can configure to your specific needs. You can also easily import existing excel checklists into the program.

The ability to complete and submit EHS audits digitally is a significant improvement in past OHS processes. Paper-based audits can be lost or misfiled, whereas all reports submitted digitally will be safely stored and easily accessible by all members of your OHS team. Combined with enhanced note-taking capabilities, this streamlines audits and compliance across your entire facility.


Use Industrial Safety Management Software Systems To Enhance Observation Note Taking

A smooth audit is as easy as just ticking boxes, but when you come across a problem, there may be a need to take detailed notes to reduce the risk of injuries or fatalities. Handwriting audit notes can be time consuming, and it is often hard to convey clear and concise observations through writing alone. For this reason, Guardian Industrial Safe Workplace Management Programs have been designed to easily allow users to attach pictures to reports and audits. As the old saying goes, ‘a picture says a thousand words.’ Giving your team the ability to effectively show the problem they have observed will save them time, and also help resolve OHS issues as quickly as possible.


Industrial Safety Management Software Systems Offer Comprehensive Support

Change doesn’t happen overnight, and in some cases, it may even be necessary to maintain some paper-based audits alongside digital checklists. S&W Technologies has designed The Guardian Industrial Safety Management Software Systems by anticipating this need, and has integrated the ability to easily enter paper based data into the system.

If you are using a paper-based OHS checklist, you can still use the Industrial Safety Management Software Systems audit program to scan the page, then have the data entered into the database alongside the digital checklists. This helps keep all audit information in one convenient location, and removes the onerous task of data entry.

As you can see, there are a wide range of productivity benefits when using Guardian Industrial OHS Management programs for EHS audit checklists. For more information about how your business could benefit from S&W Technologies Industrial Safety Management Software Systems, schedule a free live demonstration today.



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