Safety Management Software Systems | Are They Right For Your Business?


Are Safety Management Software Systems Right For Your Business?

Business owners can take the stress out of OHS processes by integrating procedures such as audits, observations, inspections and reporting into a single OHS control program. This minimizes risks related to team member well-being by making it easy to conduct safe work observations and audits. Systematizing and streamlining these compliance practices reduces mistakes made from inattention or processes being “too hard”. By minimizing hazards and unsafe working conditions or practices, you can directly reduce costs, and create a healthier and safer workplace environment.

What Is A Safety Management Software System?

OHS management systems are technology solutions which are customized and optimized for your business and industry. The comprehensive program makes inspections and audits quick and easy by streamlining the process. Workplace regulations are becoming increasingly complex and difficult to navigate, so integrating a risk mitigation system into your compliance practices can greatly reduce injuries or fatalities and take the stress out of OHS procedures.

The Guardian Safety Management Software System & Mobile App

The Guardian OHS Management Software Program and Mobile App is the leading industry solution, and also a powerful compliance tool which can be customized for your business. You can read more about the Guardian Mobile App by clicking here.

The Guardian Compliance Observation Program offers a simple-to-use interface for team members and inspectors. This makes audits, observations and inspections a less intrusive practice in their day-to-day operations. The Guardian mobile app allows for real-time documentation of audit information, while also allowing observers to take advantage of other powerful features, such as voice and photo based observations. This data can then be uploaded directly to the Guardian Observation web platform for tracking and analysis. Immediate access to data gives observers and inspectors the ability to identify at-risk areas instantly, and then take measures to rectify issues promptly.

Schedule a live demo to see how the Guardian App and Inspection Software System integrates into your current systems here.

The SiteWise Imaging Security Solution Program

Another valuable tool for workplace procedures such as emergency planning and response, incident reporting and mitigation, compliance and compulsory reporting, is the SiteWise Imaging Security Solution. This application gives team members instant access to facility details, architectural layouts, and observation images in real-time. This is essential to effective implementation of procedures if an incident occurs such as medical emergency or plant and equipment failure. The ability to conduct virtual facility tours, view imagery and video databases, as well as develop solutions to emergency planning problems are key features of this platform.

To Learn more about SiteWise Imaging Security Solutions, click here.

Why Use Safety Management Software Systems?

Developing OHS Observation and Inspection Program and Mobile App will not only improve the efficiency of your OHS processes, but also minimize the occurrence of workplace incidents and fatalities. This gives your team the ability to dedicate more time to growing and developing the business further, as well as perform their responsibilities more effectively.

Companies in various industries around the world use technology solutions like these to:

  • Improve efficiency and follow best practices for workplace environments
  • Make the audit and inspection process more effective by avoiding redundant data entry
  • Submit reports which have meaningful data and allow analysis of hazard mitigation trends
  • Establish appropriate risk assessments which are accessible to all team members
  • Maintain optimal compliance through a streamlined reporting process
  • Ensure risks from unsafe work conditions are mitigated
  • Reduce incidents of workplace injuries and fatalities
  • Prevent information overload from too much data by organizing it in one place
  • Engage in Behavior Based Safety (BBS) principles to generate accountability for both corporate staff, inspectors and team members across all company departments.

BBS principles should be considered when choosing your OHS platform, as these focus on developing an inclusive culture. This is a company culture in which both team members and managers are all accountable for minimizing hazards and ensuring a safe working environment.

For over 24 years S&W Technologies has been developing custom solutions for businesses in a many different industries around the world. From industrial and commercial complexes to government departments and educational campuses, you can find your perfect software solution.

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