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Latest News

Behavioral Safety Now 2013:  Quality Safety Edge and S&W Technologies host Utility Industry Roundtable:

October 1, 2013

Implementing a behavior-based safety process in the utility industry raises unique challenges such as involving employees whose professional code of practice already includes watching out for one another and who are dispersed across large service territories sometimes for long periods. Unique challenges call for unique solutions and what better way to learn these solutions than to network with and learn from others in the utility industry?

This interactive event was facilitated by experts in the field of behavior-based safety with utility industry experience.  Participants shared best practices in developing and maintaining behavior-based safety processes.

Global Hi-Tech Manufacturing selects S&W Technologies Guardian Observation System with Mobile Capture:

August 13, 2013

A diversified technology company with adhesive, coating and motion management technologies across aerospace, defense, automotive and industrial sectors has selected the Guardian Behavior Based Safety Observation System to streamline their safety process globally.  Guardian's mobile device capture system will allow for real-time observations with photos and voice to text translation from anywhere in the world.

S&W Product Release:  Business Intelligence - Enhance Reporting & Dashboards Module

June 1, 2013

S&W Technologies is proud to announce the product release of its Guardian Business Intelligence System.  In addition to the Guardian Standard Reports which support the BBS Process, this module is now included in all customer implementations.

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