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Choose Your Ideal Health and Safety Management Software

Safety Management SystemSiteWise

Capture, Track, and Report on Workplace Health and Safety EHS Observations, Audits, and Inspections.

Guardian Solutions remediate workplace risk immediately by capturing and reporting on observations, audits, and inspections to prevent future injuries or fatalities… 

Imaging SecuritySiteWise

Virtual facility tour picture and video cataloging program.

Site-Wise security software provides instant access to photographs, floor plan maps and component details of a facility in the event of an accident, emergency or equipment maintenance and outage…

Radiological SurveysVSDS

Electronic, radiological environmental survey capture program.

The Visual Survey Data System (VSDS) is a comprehensive risk mitigation program for documenting radiation and other hazardous information allowing you to capture electronically within workplace…

Environmental MonitoringGEDDS

Radiation, heat stress, noise, and vibration monitoring program.

The Graphical Electronic Dosimetry Display System (GEDDS) is a real-time radiation monitoring program enabling health physics professionals to monitor workers in high radiation environments…

Safety Management System Mobile App:

The Guardian Safety Software mobile apps allow employees to record EHS and OHS Inspections, Audits, and Observations easily online or offline. Click on the YouTube video below for a quick two minute demo.


Guardian Solution Highlights:

S&W has developed the most user-friendly & flexible OHS programs in the world.

With over 100,000 users across the world, Guardian has quickly become the leader in workplace well-being in oil & gas, power generation & transmission utilities, and manufacturing industries.


S&W Technologies has over two decades of experience creating easy-to-use, high value EHS and OHS solutions that improve operational and health conditions for nuclear plants, commercial and industrial facilities, and educational institutions. Our behavior based safety management software solutions are highly flexible and provide documented cost and time savings and reduce workplace injuries by improving the customer’s business process.


What are our customers saying?


A Major West Coast Utility, Aug 4, 2015

“A big thank you to the S&W team. I appreciate everything your team has done to make our observation program a big success. Your responsiveness and professionalism is just one more impressive part of your products and services. You guys are awesome!”


John H: Human Performance Lead & Observation Program Coordinator



Professionals choose Guardian programs based on these Critical Success Factors:

  • Ease of Use: Fast rollouts with and high user rates
  • Flexibility: Supports EHS in all industries and processes
  • Scalability: Guardian supports from one pilot location to a global rollout
  • Integration: Guardian works with your existing corporate structure
  • Support: US-Based technical support staff responds to customer requests quickly

Featured Safety Management Solution:

EHS safety software

Guardian Observation Software App

The Guardian Safety Management Software Application revolutionizes the way managers and employees approach audits, observations and inspections.

Traditionally, inspectors managers are required to physically record all workplace observations and inspections on paper, write everything down in detail, then manually transfer the data into a computer program. With the Guardian app they can record all hazard and inspection data live, as well as instantly analyze the collected information for risk control and mitigation purposes.

Now you can identify your EHrisk areas immediately with the touch of a button. The Guardian Safety Management Software App supports all safe processes including EHS Behavior Based Safety (BBS) – which focuses on creating EHS compliance accountability and responsibility among all team members (not just managers and inspectors).

Involving everyone in hazard identification and hazard mitigation reduces the risk of injuries and fatalities. This creates a safer environment for everyone – helping your business become more efficient, effective and profitable. With Guardian, you’re in control.