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Safety SoftwareSiteWise

Capture, Track, and Report on Safety Observations, Audits, and Inspections.

Guardian Safety Software remediates workplace risk in the shortest time possible by capturing and reporting on safety observations, audits, and inspections to prevent future injuries or fatalities…


Imaging SecuritySiteWise

Virtual facility tour picture and video cataloging system.

Site-Wise provides instant access to photographs, floor plan maps and component details of a facility in the event of an accident, emergency or equipment maintenance and outage…


Environmental MonitoringVSDS

Radiation, heat stress, noise, and vibration monitoring system.

The Visual Survey Data System (VSDS) is a comprehensive system for documenting radiation and other hazardous information allowing you to capture this electronically within your workplace…


Radiological SurveysGEDDS

Electronic, radiological environmental survey capture system.

The Graphical Electronic Dosimetry Display System (GEDDS) is a real-time radiation monitoring system enabling health physics professionals to monitor workers in high radiation work environments…


Guardian Software Solution Highlights:

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Industry News:

S&W has developed the most user-friendly & flexible occupational health and safety software in the world.

With over 100,000 users across the world, Guardian has quickly become the leader in safety software in oil & gas, power generation & transmission utilities, and manufacturing industries.


S&W Technologies has over two decades of experience creating easy-to-use, high value safety software solutions that improve operational and safety conditions for nuclear plants, commercial and industrial facilities, and educational institutions. Our behavior based safety software solutions are highly flexible and provide documented cost and time savings and reduce workplace injuries by improving the customer’s business process.


Safety professionals choose Guardian based on these Critical Success Factors:

  • Ease of Use:  Translates to rapid deployment and high user adoption rates
  • Flexibility:  Can be configured to support all industries and safety processes
  • Scalability:  Guardian supports from one pilot location to a global rollout
  • Integration:  Guardian can be integrated with your corporate systems
  • Support:  US-Based technical support staff quickly respond to customer requests

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