Optimizing Safety Management Systems With The Guardian Inspection Software App


How Can My Business Optimize Their Safety Inspection Management Systems With Guardian Software?

EHS incident assessment Many corporations today still have their inspectors manually recording audits on paper, writing down every detail and double handling the data by manually transferring this information into a database of some description at a later date. This is not only a considerable drain on company resources, but in most cases highly sensitive information is either incorrectly entered or not entered at all. With the S&W Technologies SiteWise Guardian Health and Safety Observation Software System, observers can now track audits, capture images, record audio and allow access to inspections in real-time.

With the Observation and Inspection Mobile Application, inspectors carrying out audits can now record their observations and conduct a fast, accurate and detailed analysis of the data. With a few taps on their mobile device, an inspector can promptly determine your at-risk areas and take the appropriate action to minimize occupational hazards.

Basing the Guardian Software App on Behavior Based Safety (BBS) principles allows the program to tie-in to your business systems specifically. This ensures that both team members and management create an environment which focuses on safe work practices and conditions. BBS practices reduce workplace injuries or fatalities exponentially, and are essential to remaining compliant with OSHA regulations.

How The Guardian Safety Inspection Software App Streamlines Inspections & Audits?

The Guardian App has an intuitive interface where users can customize the inspection process, allowing them to make comments on-the-fly simply and effectively. The program’s ability to integrate with the program’s online OHS Management System allows for real-time processing and recording of data, ,which enables observers to identify hazards and take action to correct them immediately

industrial inspectionSigning on to the mobile app allows inspectors to select the appropriate audit checklist and access pre-populated team member details, such as their name, date of inspection, number of team members observed and where the audit was conducted.

The dashboard consists of multiple tabs that allows easy navigation through checklists instantaneously. The ability to customize audit options allows  gives inspectors to highlight at-risk areas, or record that a safe work practice was conducted successfully. Making notes on team member behaviors, such as safe lifting practices, and any workplace related conditions are completed before finalizing the audit or inspection.

An example of this is when a team member is observed using their back to lift heavy objects. This would be highlighted as an “at risk behavior” on the Manual Handling Behavior Checklist. Contributing factors to the incorrect behavior can be recorded from a list of risks and barriers. There is also an added program feature which gives inspectors the ability to dictate voice memos.  This ensures that  no detail is overlooked. Giving inspectors access to this type of functionality and flexibility allows them to take prompt action to improve workplace conditions as well as record any information or observations  that cannot be addressed immediately. E.g. Safe work practice coaching or additional training for team members.

The ability to take pictures and save them directly to the software app during an audit is one of the most powerful features included in the application. Taking advantage of built-in cameras on mobile devices, inspectors can take photographs of hazards or potential “at risk” locations, and then view them in the virtual map of the audit. This audit, including the images, can be uploaded to the Guardian web app for further review and record keeping.

Around the world there are thousands of inspectors professionals who have made the switch from manual OHS processes to automated observation systems, and optimised their OHS management system using the Safety Inspection Software Mobile App. The mobile app is built on a   flexible and scalable platform, making the inspection and auditing process stress free for you and your team. Seeing the Guardian program live demo effectively demonstrates how our application can help your business improve its OSH practices and it’s bottom line.

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