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The amount of computing power available to individuals now is staggering. Less than 50 years ago, computers were the sole domain of large corporations and governments. In modern times, the average person uses a smartphone which has more power than some of these first computers that were worth millions of dollars.

Portable devices such as tablets and smartphones are generally thought of as consumer level devices, however with the right enterprise-grade applications, such as Guardian’s OHS Management Program from S&W Technologies, you can transform these consumer devices into powerful productivity tools. If your business isn’t taking advantage of these powerful tools, then you’re wasting time, money and resources.

Here are only a few of the benefits of using professional safe work programs and mobile applications to improve your OHS processes.

Occupational Health and Safety Management Software Is Portable

One of the biggest benefits of mobile devices is fairly self-evident – portability. With the power of mobile devices, inspectors and observers in your business do not need to be tied to a desktop computer to complete inspections or audits. This is particularly relevant to those managing your workplace safe process systems who deal with on-site inspections spread across multiple working environments.

Instead of touring the facility with a paper form just to return to a desktop computer and input the data collected, a mobile device allows the data to be immediately uploaded to your database. Giving your OHS team modern technology will ensure they are able to do more to keep your workforce safe, which is our top priority here at S&W Technologies.

OHS Management Software Gives You The Most Modern Tools

Smartphones and tablets are truly powerful tools, and offer many more options than a regular desktop computer. Integrated within almost every mobile device are recording capabilities, such as cameras and microphones.

One of the best features of Guardian’s EHS Health and Safety Inspection and Audit Software Application System is the ability to use capture devices, such as cameras, to record observations and information. Instead of making free reform notes about hazards or other OHS issues that have been observed, this application allows for pictures of the breach to be taken and logged automatically. One key concern for many companies contemplating the switch to mobile devices for onsite reporting is their fragility and the risk of data loss. Fortunately, with enterprise level apps, all data is backed up to the cloud or a central database instead of being stored locally on the device itself, completely removing that concern.

Occupational Health and Safety Management Software Offers Seamless Integration Into Your Workplace Safety System

S&W Technologies understands that swapping from a paper-based system to a more modern OHS Inspection Management Software System can be a daunting prospect. The thought of converting archives of files and forms into a digital format has the potential to create a lot of additional work that often isn’t budgeted for.

The Guardian Occupational Health and Safety Inspection Management Software App is designed with this in mind. There are a range of functionalities in the application which make changing over to a digital system painless and easy.

First of all, it is possible to upload excel spreadsheets and other forms into the application, removing any fears of creating an endless data entry task. In addition, the ‘SafeScan Capture System’ allows you to scan in paper-based checklists and automatically enter the data into your existing system.

The pace of technological advancement is not set to slow any time soon. Instead of trying to maintain old and tired ways of managing OHS processes in your business, which can cost you time and money, consider entering the modern age with a specialized OHS inspection management application from S&W Technologies.

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