Customize Your Process Safety Management Software System



If you have investigated the cost of custom made EHS and OHS software solutions, you may have been shocked at just how expensive it can be. The massive cost of custom solutions means that most businesses end up making do with off-the-shelf audit program which may not be the best fit. S&W Technologies’ Guardian Process Safe Work Practice Management Software Systems bridge the gap between custom made and off-the-shelf program by offering a highly customizable application.

This powerful, enterprise-level EHS technology solution can be customized in a number of ways to provide your business with the perfect solution. Read further to find out just how versatile this program is, as well as how it can help keep your workforce safer.


Process Safety Management Software Systems Offer Custom Forms & Templates

Unless your business is brand new, it is likely that you already have a collection of OHS forms, checklists and other templates which have been painstakingly developed over time. Much of the resistance to moving to a better solution relates to a fear of losing these documents. With Guardian technology, you do not need to throw all your previous work out the window.

The program and mobile application have been designed to seamlessly integrate existing forms into the new system. Combining what is already working in the old program with the countless benefits of a modern technology-based solution will improve processes in your health and safety department and keep your workplace safer.


Input Your Own Terminology Into Process Safety Management Software Systems

Every industry has a unique set of terminology and vocabulary that is commonly used. One of the reasons so many large companies opt to create their own OHS technology solutions is that the commercially available solutions use different terms and phrases.

For this reason, S&W Technologies has designed the Guardian Process Safe Work Practice Management Software Programs so that they can use terminology specific to your organization and industry. Using the same terminology across departments is a great way to improve efficiency and workflow.


Process Safety Management Software Systems Lets You Set Flexible Settings & Options

As well as the major options discussed above, the Guardian Health and Safety Software Program and Mobile App offer a large selection of settings and options that can be used to customize the user experience. You don’t need to pay for custom-made programs when such a powerful and flexible EHS and OHS management tool is available to you.


Process Safety Management Software Systems Offer In-Depth Support

S&W Technologies knows that so many options and settings can be overwhelming, so rest assured that you will be fully supported as you integrate this application into your business. If you or your team have any questions or concerns, you can call the U.S.-based customer support service at any time. Our support staff will work with you to quickly resolve any issues that you have. At S&W Technologies, we understand how important it is to get back to work when your job is keeping others safe.

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