The importance of industrial environmental health and safety process management systems has been developing since 1970, when companies began to develop systematic processes for tracking and complying with key environmental regulations. It wasn’t until the 1990s when improvements in the data technology allowed the EHS systems to grow. This enabled industries to merge health, environmental and safety programs through the use of these management programs.

This new technology, such as EHS process auditing, tracking and reporting programs and apps, made it easy for companies and businesses to track key indicators, and analyze day-to-day operations to help improve their sustainability performance. This enabled industries to reduce employee injuries and fatalities by comparing observation reports across multiple worksites and timelines.


What Makes An Effective Industrial EHS Process Safety Management System?

best industrial softwareMany corporations today utilize these practices to improve sustainable workplace environments and reduce employee fatalities or injuries. In many cases, before signing contractual agreements with other business partners, some companies even hire outside agencies to help them develop these processes and systems. Most industries are required by law to develop a reliable system to become better environmental stewards. An effective practice creates a systematic approach to waste management and carbon footprint reduction, but also must comply with environmental regulations. 

Depending on the industry, there are many things a great system should develop and maintain within a company, including (but not limited to): 

Thorough auditing is required for companies to determine the effectiveness of any EHS process safety management system. While focusing primarily on due attentiveness assessments, this auditing procedure will provide a wide range of information, including cost reduction opportunities, continuous improvement and management systems effectiveness. It should also focus on the environmental compliance auditing, hazard identification auditing, and program development.

Upon the completion of the auditing procedure, the policy should outline the roles and expectations for the OHS personnel. It should also include the role of the faculty, organization, and the individual employees. The right policy should also state the intention to mitigate economic and human losses, which can be the result of accidents, environmental events, and occupational exposures.

Creating a formal state of intent will give companies the leverage it needs to show management their high level of commitment to quality EHS performance, producing a strong behavior-based safety culture in the organization. Some of the ways this happens within a company are through implementing methods of reducing waste and preventing workplace accidents. It should also include periodic assessments to verify and validate performance.

Development of these policies should consider the hazards, risks, and the organization needs. The policy should also establish goals that define how to judge whether the EHS system is a success or failure.

The best systems should also include a regular evaluation procedure. This regular procedure will help identify and change the systematic gaps that occur within an EHS process to ensure sustainability. It will also help detect areas that need improvement.


Developing An Effective Industrial EHS Process Safety Management System For Your Industry

best industrial softwareIn today’s world, environmental protection has become an integral part of every industry. In fact, most corporations are required by law to develop and maintain effective procedures before they can make contractual agreements with partners.

An effective procedure creates a systematic approach to tracking waste management and carbon footprint reduction. The system must also comply with environmental regulations, which ensure business practices and processes are environmentally sustainable.

Depending on the industry, the perfect EHS process program should support a formal sustainability tracking program which can be applied on a consistent basis. It should also support internal partnerships, which integrate sustainable practices and values across the company. An effective EHS process policy focuses on establishing global corporate environmental practices and tracking standards. This includes monitoring and mitigating industry risks associated with environmental and OHS failures, as well as ensuring safe and healthy worksites for all employees.


Assessing The Effectiveness Of Your Industrial EHS Process Safety Management System

To determine the effectiveness of industrial OHS procedures, an organization must implement thorough auditing and tracking practices consistently. Today’s auditing practices should allow observers to provide an extensive range of information, including:

industrial OHS softwareUpon the completion of the tracking and auditing process, the policy should outline the roles and expectations of EHS personnel, including reporting procedures. An effective EHS process and procedure should continuously focus on reducing economic and operational losses. This includes reducing the number of accidents, environmental incidents, and occupational hazards.

An organization should also create a formal state of intent to demonstrate commitment to improved EHS performance. Developing a formal state of intent will help create a strong behavior based safety culture in the organization. This ensures that employees from all levels of management are involved in the OHS tracking and reporting procedures, which reduces waste and prevents accidents. 

Development of the EHS industrial process safety management program will require an in-depth analysis of the organization’s market, since each industry has individual needs relating to environmental sustainability. Observers will need to be aware of the hazards, risks and regulations which apply specifically to their industry. This will allow them to assess the effectiveness of the processes as audits and observations are carried out.

Of course, the most effective EHS management processes are the ones which are continually evaluated and improved. A good policy will include practices which help track and change systematic gaps to ensure all operational activities are supporting environmental sustainability.

At S&W Technologies we help industrial organizations manage these systems with the help of powerful OHS and EHS software. The Guardian Safety Observation and Inspection Software has helped hundreds of businesses improve their sustainability practices, and reduce employee injuries and fatalities. For over 20 years we’ve been helping nuclear, manufacturing and industrial businesses reduce employee injuries and fatalities by taking control of their safety systems – so that they know exactly what’s going on at any given moment, and how to react to any potential hazards or dangerous situations. Streamline your inspection and reporting processes.

We’d love to show you how Guardian Safety Observation and Inspection Software can help you improve your EHS and OHS practices while seamlessly integrating into your current systems.

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Standardization is a bit of a buzzword in business circles. If you are able to standardize processes within your business you can significantly improve productivity, and in turn increase profitability. Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) is an important operation of many businesses that is often overlooked in the drive to standardize.

Many tasks OHS inspectors undertake require free-form notes and personal evaluations, which would benefit greatly from some kind of standardization. S&W Technologies’ EHS observation and inspection software app has taken on the challenge of standardizing a number of OHS tasks, making this process easier for inspectors and observers. Below are just a few of the ways in which this app could help your OHS team standardize and become more productive.


Although it takes some initial work to set up, having set levels and thresholds for hazards or unsafe environments in the workplace is a great way to increase OHS system productivity. For example, within the Guardian OHS Management Software System, set levels can be established for a range of incidents which may need to be recorded, such as:

On traditional paper forms, these situations often require free-form notes, which are open to interpretation and can be subjective in their ability to report information. With a system that incorporates standardized levels, thresholds for risk mitigation action can also be set. This again removes the possibility of human error in making judgement calls regarding OHS processes.  


A positive side effect of having set levels and thresholds is the development of a standardized terminology across your organization when referencing OHS issues. When using the Guardian EHS Inspection App, you can insert your organization’s specific terminology into menus and forms. This way everyone on your team is speaking the same language, which supports behavior based OHS program principles.

This completely removes the misunderstandings and inefficiencies that can arise with handwritten paper forms, and make sure your OHS processes are compliant with OSHA regulations. In addition, many industries have specific terminology, which is relevant to their OHS practices, but may be unfamiliar to new employees joining the team. With common terminology for your company set in the application, new employees can be brought up to speed quickly and easily.


One powerful tool available to users of the Guardian EHS Inspection and Observation Program is the ability to automate alerts in response to thresholds being reached. This allows all employees to mitigate risk, and catch hazards before they result in an incident.

For example, a company may have instituted a number system to rank the severity of a situation, with a one being a low level threat to employee well-being, and a five being the highest. As a way to expedite the repairs, an immediate alert could be sent to the maintenance team and the floor manager whenever an issue rated level three or more is logged into the app.

Although this is a relatively simple example, it gives you an idea of the power of this application.

If a business was only using paper forms during their audits and observations, the maintenance team and floor manager may not be made aware of an issue for hours, or in the worst case, even days. The ability to set alerts greatly increases the speed in which issues can be fixed, and as a result keeps workplaces safer by reducing hazards and minimizing injuries.

As useful as the above functions are, they represent just a small portion of what this powerful OHS observation and audit app is capable of.

To find out how you can incorporate a safety inspection mobile app into your business, schedule a live demo here.


A key aspect of running successful OHS programs is generating regular reports on workplace conditions and standards. Reports like these help ensure that all government imposed standards are met, and that the workplace is a positive environment where employees can work safely.

Establishing a history of compliance through reporting can also have positive implications for insurance or legal purposes. One of the most valuable functions of Guardians OHS Observation Mobile App is an advanced reporting function, which can greatly improve the efficiency of reporting in your company’s OHS program. Just a few of the ways this powerful OHS management software system can help with reporting are outlined below.



Within the Guardian App, it is very quick and easy to assign reports to members of staff. This allows managers and inspectors to very efficiently request a wide range of reports from any employee. Existing corporate structures are easily integrated into the application, so that it is easy to establish hierarchies and reporting lines within the business.

When reports are set within the Guardian system, employees can be automatically alerted via email after a report has been assigned, as well as when it is due – an automation that saves managers both time and effort.



One of the best features of this software is the ability to configure reports to best suit the individual needs of your organization. There is no standard format for reports, and every business has different data reporting requirements. In fact, it is highly likely that you already have full suite of reports customized to your business. Rest assured that this work will not go to waste. Existing reports and forms can be imported into the new system with very little hassle. Once within the system, changes to the reporting format can be made quickly and rolled out to all users immediately.

Once reports are completed, all of the valuable data that has been imported can also be exported. This is ideal for creating a physical copy of reports, or for sharing with outside organisations, which are not integrated into your digital reporting system. Data such as this can also provide valuable business intelligence for future planning.



Knowledge is power in all aspects of life, but particularly in a competitive business environment. If using paper based reports, actually pulling the data out and comparing it can be a mammoth task.

In most cases, this results potentially valuable business intelligence languishing in a drawer in a back room. Having all of your reports completed within an integrated and digital system allows for data to be extracted and analyzed easily. This transforms a task, which would have been very time consuming, into a largely automated process instead, freeing your OHS team to focus on more important activities.

It is quite hard to truly understand the power of Guardians EHS Management Software Systems and Mobile App, or make a decision about purchasing it, without first seeing it in action for yourself.

This is especially true when the above covers just a small portion of the program’s functionality available to you as a user.

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If you have investigated the cost of custom made EHS and OHS software solutions, you may have been shocked at just how expensive it can be. The massive cost of custom solutions means that most businesses end up making do with off-the-shelf audit program which may not be the best fit. S&W Technologies’ Guardian Process Safe Work Practice Management Software Systems bridge the gap between custom made and off-the-shelf program by offering a highly customizable application.

This powerful, enterprise-level EHS technology solution can be customized in a number of ways to provide your business with the perfect solution. Read further to find out just how versatile this program is, as well as how it can help keep your workforce safer.


Process Safety Management Software Systems Offer Custom Forms & Templates

Unless your business is brand new, it is likely that you already have a collection of OHS forms, checklists and other templates which have been painstakingly developed over time. Much of the resistance to moving to a better solution relates to a fear of losing these documents. With Guardian technology, you do not need to throw all your previous work out the window.

The program and mobile application have been designed to seamlessly integrate existing forms into the new system. Combining what is already working in the old program with the countless benefits of a modern technology-based solution will improve processes in your health and safety department and keep your workplace safer.


Input Your Own Terminology Into Process Safety Management Software Systems

Every industry has a unique set of terminology and vocabulary that is commonly used. One of the reasons so many large companies opt to create their own OHS technology solutions is that the commercially available solutions use different terms and phrases.

For this reason, S&W Technologies has designed the Guardian Process Safe Work Practice Management Software Programs so that they can use terminology specific to your organization and industry. Using the same terminology across departments is a great way to improve efficiency and workflow.


Process Safety Management Software Systems Lets You Set Flexible Settings & Options

As well as the major options discussed above, the Guardian Health and Safety Software Program and Mobile App offer a large selection of settings and options that can be used to customize the user experience. You don’t need to pay for custom-made programs when such a powerful and flexible EHS and OHS management tool is available to you.


Process Safety Management Software Systems Offer In-Depth Support

S&W Technologies knows that so many options and settings can be overwhelming, so rest assured that you will be fully supported as you integrate this application into your business. If you or your team have any questions or concerns, you can call the U.S.-based customer support service at any time. Our support staff will work with you to quickly resolve any issues that you have. At S&W Technologies, we understand how important it is to get back to work when your job is keeping others safe.

Learn more about how to improve your OHS procedures with process safety management software systems by scheduling a live demo here!


One of the key aspects of OHS management is identifying risks and taking steps to mitigate any risks in the workplace. The best way to identify areas which may need improvement is to analyze data that has been collected through regular EHS audits and incident reports.

However, if you are using paper-based reports, the task of collating this data is overwhelming, which means that many workplace safe practice departments simply don’t bother with it at all. The solution to this problem is to move incident reporting to an online, mobile app-based system.

Using modern technology, the tedious data-entry task is removed, and your OHS department can access updated EHS information at the touch of a button. Below are some of the ways that the Guardian Behavior Based Safety Inspection Software allows you to record, collate and access critical data quickly and easily. Click here to learn more about this EHS software system.


Easily Keep Detailed Records With Behavior Based Safety Inspection Software

The best way to get concise, specific data about incidents and hazards in your workplace is to collect it over time – there really are no shortcuts here. Guardian’s specialized Behavior Based Safe Work Inspection Program and Mobile App is designed to make capturing the required data quick and easy.

Within the program there are a wide range of reporting options, which can be configured to suit your business’ specific circumstances. All forms and records within the app are stored securely in a cloud-based database, giving you a ready-made data set which can be used to make predictions, track key metrics, and identify hazards in the workplace.


Track Key Metrics With Behavior Based Safety Inspection Software

With a high quality, digitized EHS data set,  keeping track of key metrics in the workplace becomes effortless. These metrics can include detailed information regarding the number and severity of injuries, the frequency of breaches and near misses, and more.

For larger companies, all of your worksites can be linked using the same application. Building a large database that encompasses all of your facilities allows your team to compare these metrics across departments and branches, even if the individual facilities are geographically distant from each other.

Being able to compare OHS data across facilities using comprehensive workplace safe work practice program is the best way to identify good practices, as well as areas which need improvement. Once you identify the safest facilities, you can find ways to use the lessons learned there to improve standards elsewhere. This keeps your employees safe and increase productivity, helping you improve your bottom line.


Measure The Cost of Hazards With Behavior Based Safety Inspection Software

Many people fail to realize that unsafe workplaces often lead to lower levels of productivity overall. When workers are injured on the job, or are forced to stop work due to OHS concerns, it means time and money are being wasted.

Without a comprehensive analytics system, it’s hard to put a definite figure on this loss and has been largely ignored in the past. With detailed monitoring capabilities, you will finally have sufficient data to quantify the loss and put an accurate monetary figure on it. Being able to give hard and fast numbers on lost productivity gives you the leverage to justify expenditure for key OHS improvement and policies.

Don’t waste a minute more struggling to make critical EHS decisions without having the necessary data at your disposal. Schedule a live demo of the Guardian Behavior Based Safe Work Inspection Program and Mobile Application and see just how easy it is to build a database of health and safety information for your business.



Checklists are used across industries as a great way to ensure EHS systems and processes are adhered to, and OHS departments are no exception. Workplaces across the country are expected to comply with ever-changing EHS legislation, which means there is a need to conduct periodic audits efficiently and accurately.

The traditional method of conducting audits usually relies on good old fashioned, pen, paper and a clipboard. There is nothing wrong with this method of course, but technological innovation means there are far better options available to modern businesses. The Guardian Industrial Safe Workplace Management Health and Safety Software Programs have been designed to help your EHS team be more efficient and thorough in conducting their EHS audits and inspections. Below are just a few ways this powerful software can save your business time and money without compromising a safe work environment.


Manage Digital Checklists With Industrial Safety Management Software Systems

One of the biggest benefits of this modern technology is the ability to quickly and easily digitize all of your OHS audits and related checklists. This enterprise-level software has a range of preset checklists, which you can configure to your specific needs. You can also easily import existing excel checklists into the program.

The ability to complete and submit EHS audits digitally is a significant improvement in past OHS processes. Paper-based audits can be lost or misfiled, whereas all reports submitted digitally will be safely stored and easily accessible by all members of your OHS team. Combined with enhanced note-taking capabilities, this streamlines audits and compliance across your entire facility.


Use Industrial Safety Management Software Systems To Enhance Observation Note Taking

A smooth audit is as easy as just ticking boxes, but when you come across a problem, there may be a need to take detailed notes to reduce the risk of injuries or fatalities. Handwriting audit notes can be time consuming, and it is often hard to convey clear and concise observations through writing alone. For this reason, Guardian Industrial Safe Workplace Management Programs have been designed to easily allow users to attach pictures to reports and audits. As the old saying goes, ‘a picture says a thousand words.’ Giving your team the ability to effectively show the problem they have observed will save them time, and also help resolve OHS issues as quickly as possible.


Industrial Safety Management Software Systems Offer Comprehensive Support

Change doesn’t happen overnight, and in some cases, it may even be necessary to maintain some paper-based audits alongside digital checklists. S&W Technologies has designed The Guardian Industrial Safety Management Software Systems by anticipating this need, and has integrated the ability to easily enter paper based data into the system.

If you are using a paper-based OHS checklist, you can still use the Industrial Safety Management Software Systems audit program to scan the page, then have the data entered into the database alongside the digital checklists. This helps keep all audit information in one convenient location, and removes the onerous task of data entry.

As you can see, there are a wide range of productivity benefits when using Guardian Industrial OHS Management programs for EHS audit checklists. For more information about how your business could benefit from S&W Technologies Industrial Safety Management Software Systems, schedule a free live demonstration today.



The amount of computing power available to individuals now is staggering. Less than 50 years ago, computers were the sole domain of large corporations and governments. In modern times, the average person uses a smartphone which has more power than some of these first computers that were worth millions of dollars.

Portable devices such as tablets and smartphones are generally thought of as consumer level devices, however with the right enterprise-grade applications, such as Guardian’s OHS Management Program from S&W Technologies, you can transform these consumer devices into powerful productivity tools. If your business isn’t taking advantage of these powerful tools, then you’re wasting time, money and resources.

Here are only a few of the benefits of using professional safe work programs and mobile applications to improve your OHS processes.

Occupational Health and Safety Management Software Is Portable

One of the biggest benefits of mobile devices is fairly self-evident – portability. With the power of mobile devices, inspectors and observers in your business do not need to be tied to a desktop computer to complete inspections or audits. This is particularly relevant to those managing your workplace safe process systems who deal with on-site inspections spread across multiple working environments.

Instead of touring the facility with a paper form just to return to a desktop computer and input the data collected, a mobile device allows the data to be immediately uploaded to your database. Giving your OHS team modern technology will ensure they are able to do more to keep your workforce safe, which is our top priority here at S&W Technologies.

OHS Management Software Gives You The Most Modern Tools

Smartphones and tablets are truly powerful tools, and offer many more options than a regular desktop computer. Integrated within almost every mobile device are recording capabilities, such as cameras and microphones.

One of the best features of Guardian’s EHS Health and Safety Inspection and Audit Software Application System is the ability to use capture devices, such as cameras, to record observations and information. Instead of making free reform notes about hazards or other OHS issues that have been observed, this application allows for pictures of the breach to be taken and logged automatically. One key concern for many companies contemplating the switch to mobile devices for onsite reporting is their fragility and the risk of data loss. Fortunately, with enterprise level apps, all data is backed up to the cloud or a central database instead of being stored locally on the device itself, completely removing that concern.

Occupational Health and Safety Management Software Offers Seamless Integration Into Your Workplace Safety System

S&W Technologies understands that swapping from a paper-based system to a more modern OHS Inspection Management Software System can be a daunting prospect. The thought of converting archives of files and forms into a digital format has the potential to create a lot of additional work that often isn’t budgeted for.

The Guardian Occupational Health and Safety Inspection Management Software App is designed with this in mind. There are a range of functionalities in the application which make changing over to a digital system painless and easy.

First of all, it is possible to upload excel spreadsheets and other forms into the application, removing any fears of creating an endless data entry task. In addition, the ‘SafeScan Capture System’ allows you to scan in paper-based checklists and automatically enter the data into your existing system.

The pace of technological advancement is not set to slow any time soon. Instead of trying to maintain old and tired ways of managing OHS processes in your business, which can cost you time and money, consider entering the modern age with a specialized OHS inspection management application from S&W Technologies.

Schedule a live demo to see the functionality of this specialist application for yourself.

Are Safety Management Software Systems Right For Your Business?

Business owners can take the stress out of OHS processes by integrating procedures such as audits, observations, inspections and reporting into a single OHS control program. This minimizes risks related to team member well-being by making it easy to conduct safe work observations and audits. Systematizing and streamlining these compliance practices reduces mistakes made from inattention or processes being “too hard”. By minimizing hazards and unsafe working conditions or practices, you can directly reduce costs, and create a healthier and safer workplace environment.

What Is A Safety Management Software System?

OHS management systems are technology solutions which are customized and optimized for your business and industry. The comprehensive program makes inspections and audits quick and easy by streamlining the process. Workplace regulations are becoming increasingly complex and difficult to navigate, so integrating a risk mitigation system into your compliance practices can greatly reduce injuries or fatalities and take the stress out of OHS procedures.

The Guardian Safety Management Software System & Mobile App

The Guardian OHS Management Software Program and Mobile App is the leading industry solution, and also a powerful compliance tool which can be customized for your business. You can read more about the Guardian Mobile App by clicking here.

The Guardian Compliance Observation Program offers a simple-to-use interface for team members and inspectors. This makes audits, observations and inspections a less intrusive practice in their day-to-day operations. The Guardian mobile app allows for real-time documentation of audit information, while also allowing observers to take advantage of other powerful features, such as voice and photo based observations. This data can then be uploaded directly to the Guardian Observation web platform for tracking and analysis. Immediate access to data gives observers and inspectors the ability to identify at-risk areas instantly, and then take measures to rectify issues promptly.

Schedule a live demo to see how the Guardian App and Inspection Software System integrates into your current systems here.

The SiteWise Imaging Security Solution Program

Another valuable tool for workplace procedures such as emergency planning and response, incident reporting and mitigation, compliance and compulsory reporting, is the SiteWise Imaging Security Solution. This application gives team members instant access to facility details, architectural layouts, and observation images in real-time. This is essential to effective implementation of procedures if an incident occurs such as medical emergency or plant and equipment failure. The ability to conduct virtual facility tours, view imagery and video databases, as well as develop solutions to emergency planning problems are key features of this platform.

To Learn more about SiteWise Imaging Security Solutions, click here.

Why Use Safety Management Software Systems?

Developing OHS Observation and Inspection Program and Mobile App will not only improve the efficiency of your OHS processes, but also minimize the occurrence of workplace incidents and fatalities. This gives your team the ability to dedicate more time to growing and developing the business further, as well as perform their responsibilities more effectively.

Companies in various industries around the world use technology solutions like these to:

BBS principles should be considered when choosing your OHS platform, as these focus on developing an inclusive culture. This is a company culture in which both team members and managers are all accountable for minimizing hazards and ensuring a safe working environment.

For over 24 years S&W Technologies has been developing custom solutions for businesses in a many different industries around the world. From industrial and commercial complexes to government departments and educational campuses, you can find your perfect software solution.

To learn more about our advanced OHS Control Program, visit our website at

How Can My Business Optimize Their Safety Inspection Management Systems With Guardian Software?

EHS incident assessment Many corporations today still have their inspectors manually recording audits on paper, writing down every detail and double handling the data by manually transferring this information into a database of some description at a later date. This is not only a considerable drain on company resources, but in most cases highly sensitive information is either incorrectly entered or not entered at all. With the S&W Technologies SiteWise Guardian Health and Safety Observation Software System, observers can now track audits, capture images, record audio and allow access to inspections in real-time.

With the Observation and Inspection Mobile Application, inspectors carrying out audits can now record their observations and conduct a fast, accurate and detailed analysis of the data. With a few taps on their mobile device, an inspector can promptly determine your at-risk areas and take the appropriate action to minimize occupational hazards.

Basing the Guardian Software App on Behavior Based Safety (BBS) principles allows the program to tie-in to your business systems specifically. This ensures that both team members and management create an environment which focuses on safe work practices and conditions. BBS practices reduce workplace injuries or fatalities exponentially, and are essential to remaining compliant with OSHA regulations.

How The Guardian Safety Inspection Software App Streamlines Inspections & Audits?

The Guardian App has an intuitive interface where users can customize the inspection process, allowing them to make comments on-the-fly simply and effectively. The program’s ability to integrate with the program’s online OHS Management System allows for real-time processing and recording of data, ,which enables observers to identify hazards and take action to correct them immediately

industrial inspectionSigning on to the mobile app allows inspectors to select the appropriate audit checklist and access pre-populated team member details, such as their name, date of inspection, number of team members observed and where the audit was conducted.

The dashboard consists of multiple tabs that allows easy navigation through checklists instantaneously. The ability to customize audit options allows  gives inspectors to highlight at-risk areas, or record that a safe work practice was conducted successfully. Making notes on team member behaviors, such as safe lifting practices, and any workplace related conditions are completed before finalizing the audit or inspection.

An example of this is when a team member is observed using their back to lift heavy objects. This would be highlighted as an “at risk behavior” on the Manual Handling Behavior Checklist. Contributing factors to the incorrect behavior can be recorded from a list of risks and barriers. There is also an added program feature which gives inspectors the ability to dictate voice memos.  This ensures that  no detail is overlooked. Giving inspectors access to this type of functionality and flexibility allows them to take prompt action to improve workplace conditions as well as record any information or observations  that cannot be addressed immediately. E.g. Safe work practice coaching or additional training for team members.

The ability to take pictures and save them directly to the software app during an audit is one of the most powerful features included in the application. Taking advantage of built-in cameras on mobile devices, inspectors can take photographs of hazards or potential “at risk” locations, and then view them in the virtual map of the audit. This audit, including the images, can be uploaded to the Guardian web app for further review and record keeping.

Around the world there are thousands of inspectors professionals who have made the switch from manual OHS processes to automated observation systems, and optimised their OHS management system using the Safety Inspection Software Mobile App. The mobile app is built on a   flexible and scalable platform, making the inspection and auditing process stress free for you and your team. Seeing the Guardian program live demo effectively demonstrates how our application can help your business improve its OSH practices and it’s bottom line.

Take advantage of this offer now, click here to book your free app demo or find out more information. 

Why Your Business Should Be Using Occupational Health and Safety Management Software Now

What Is Occupational Health and Safety Management Software?

Occupational health and safety management software solutions help businesses mitigate their OHS and EHS processes by managing observations, audits, inspections and reporting practices. They increase the efficiency of operational performance while minimizing risks to employee well-being. This also reduces costs associated with unsafe work conditions or hazards.
Workplace regulations are becoming increasingly more complex and difficult to navigate. This is why an OHS solution which is customized for your business and your industry is more important than ever. Some of the most popular and effective solutions include the Guardian Inspection and Audit Program and Mobile App.
The Guardian OHS Observation Program and Mobile App helps mitigate inspections, observations and audits by offering an easy-to-use platform for inspectors and employees to conduct these practices. The Guardian mobile app allows observers to record observation and inspection information in real-time, including picture-based and voice-based observations, and then upload that information to the Guardian compliance and risk mitigation system. This allows all data to be analyzed instantly so at-risk areas can be identified, and proactive solutions can be sought immediately. To learn more about the Guardian program and mobile app, go to
SiteWise is an industrial safe practices program which gives instant access to photographs, floor plans, and facility details if there is an accident, emergency, equipment failure, or outage. Features include virtual facility tours, pictures and video cataloging systems, as well as emergency planning solutions. This is an invaluable tool for emergency planning, incident control and mitigation, compliance reporting and business continuity planning. Learn more about SiteWise Imaging Security Solutions here.

Why Use Occupational Health and Safety Management Software?

These systems not only reduce workplace injuries and fatalities, but they can streamline your OHS processes so that your employees and managers are able to focus more clearly on business development and growth.

Corporations world-wide use these technology solutions to:

When choosing an OHS software solution, consider BBS principles, which cultivate a relationship between management and employees in which every person in the work environment shares in the responsibility for creating safe work conditions and reducing hazards.

S&W Technologies has been providing customized technology solutions to businesses in a variety of industries for over 24 years. Our customers are based in all levels of government agencies, educational institutions, and both industrial and commercial facilities. Learn more about our world-renowned solutions here: or click here to schedule your free software demo now!

Streamline Your Safety Management System With The Guardian Observation & Inspection Mobile App

With the S&W Technologies SiteWise Guardian Health and Safety Inspection, Audit and Observation Software System, professionals now have the ability to capture, record and track audits or inspections instantly. Traditionally, inspectors need to physically record their observations on a piece of paper, write down every detail and then manually transfer the information into the computer at a later time. This process is not only time-consuming, but many times information is forgotten or misinterpreted.
With the Guardian Safety Inspection Mobile Application, observers can now record and analyze data quickly, easily and accurately. Identify your at-risk areas immediately with the touch of a button, and create actionable steps to reduce occupational hazards.
The mobile app was developed to support your specific inspection and reporting process including Behavior Based Safety (BBS) principles. BBS systems focus on cultivating a safe workplace through the participation of all employees, staff and management – not just inspectors. This creates a safer and healthier environment, and greatly reduces the amount of workplace injuries or fatalities.


How Do Professionals Use The Guardian Safety Inspection Software App To Manage Inspections & Audits?

The mobile application offers a user-friendly dashboard where observers can customize the observation process, and record personal notes quickly and easily. It also integrates with the online Guardian Safety Management System so information is recorded and processed in real-time.
After logging in to the mobile app, choose your inspection checklist and pre-filled observer information, such as employee name, observation date, number of people observed and the location of the inspection.
Use the additional dashboard tabs to move through your checklist in real-time. Customizable options allow observers to indicate at-risk areas, or mark safe practices as successful, then move through conditions and employee behaviors to complete the inspection.
For example, let’s say you see an employee using their back to lift heavy objects. Use the lifting and lowering behavior checklist to mark this situation as “at risk.” Additionally, you can record voice memos to provide further details, as well as choose contributing factors from a list of barriers. This allows observers to create actionable tasks for improving occupational conditions – such as providing additional training or knowledge to employees regarding safe work practices.
One of the most valuable features of the mobile inspection application is the ability to integrate photos. Use your mobile device to take pictures of workplace environments or hazards, which can easily integrate into the app or the inspection map view of the observation. Once completed, the audit is uploaded to the program’s web version for recording and analysis.
Join the thousands users world-wide that have streamlined their inspection and observation management system using the Guardian Safety Inspection Mobile Application. Take the stress out of inspections and audits by using this flexible, scalable and mobile solution instead. We’d love to offer you a complimentary live software demo to show how the program works with your business to improve your OHS practices. Contact us today and schedule your free software demo now.