Environmental Survey Solutions

Case Study

Client Description

Nuclear Plant with very labor intensive, time consuming and costly manual processes for documenting radiological conditions within their plant without radiation survey software.

Customer Challenges

Manual Radiological Survey Process:

  • Over 10,000 surveys performed and recorded on paper per year
  • Over 1,700 man hours are expended with the manually recording of these surveys on paper
  • Over $78,000 is spent on the manual labor costs associated with recording the surveys on paper

Manual Plan Reviews:

  • 2,500 plan views are created manually per year
  • Over 640 man hours associated with manually creating these plan views
  • Over $30,000 is spent on labor costs associated with manually creating plan views

Handling of Paper Surveys:

  • Over 10,000 paper surveys handled per year
  • Over 800 man hours associated with handling of paper surveys
  • Over $20,000 of annual labor costs associated with handling of paper surveys

Manual Survey Retrievals:

  • Over 700 surveys retrieved per year
  • Over 2,500 plan views retrieved per year
  • Over 1,100 hours spent on retrievals per year
  • Over $50,000 in labor costs associated with manual retrievals

The Solution

Tremendous Time Savings:

With the use of VSDS radiation survey software, the customer converted a fully manual process to capture, store and retrieve radiological surveys to a fully electronic process. The customer is now able to save over $130,000 per year in labor costs. All the manual processes listed above became electronic processes. Below are the results of the VSDS solution.

  • Electronic Survey Process - 50% reduction in time to complete a survey
  • Electronic Plan Views - Time to complete process went from 15 minutes to 1 minute
  • Electronic Handling of Surveys - This originally took 5 minutes per survey and is now 0 minutes
  • Electronic Survey Retrieval Process - This originally took 20 minutes and now takes no more than 3 minutes since surveys are retrieved instantly electronically

The Results = Tremendous Cost Savings:

Electronic Survey Process $38,000 in savings
Electronic Plan Views $28,000 in savings
Electronic Handling of Surveys $20,000 in savings
Electronic Survey Retrieval Process $42,000 in savings
Total Savings per facility $128,000 per year